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This is a war on the very essence and existence of Ukraine. Putin has continuously challenged the notion of a historically sovereign and distinct Ukrainian state.
Andrey Sheptytsky National Museum of Lviv

Andrey Sheptytsky National Museum of Lviv (Lviv)

The Andrey Sheptytsky National Museum in Lviv is one of the most distinguished national art and culture treasuries in Ukraine and in the world. It is a proud repository of over 170,000 objects that signify the major attainments of Ukrainian culture as an integral part of the world’s spiritual and artistic treasury

Maksym Rylsky Museum

Maksym Rylsky Museum (Kyiv)

The Maksym Rylsky Museum is a museum in Kyiv, Ukraine dedicated to Ukrainian poet Maksym Rylsky.

The Kyiv History Museum

The Kyiv History Museum (Kyiv)

The Kyiv History Museum covers the past and present of Kyiv, one of the oldest capitals of Europe.

Museum of Theater, Music and Cinema of Ukraine

Museum of Theater, Music and Cinema of Ukraine (Kyiv)

The Museum of Theater, Music and Cinema of Ukraine in Kyiv chronicles the history of Ukrainian performing arts.

The Ivan Kavaleridze Museum

The Ivan Kavaleridze Museum (Kyiv)

The collection of the Ivan Kavaleridze Museum is based on the works and archival materials of Ivan Kavaleridze, a Ukrainian sculptor, filmmaker, film director, playwright and screenwriter.

Mikhail Bulgakov Museum

Mikhail Bulgakov Museum (Kyiv)

Mikhail Bulgakov — the world-famous writer — is one of the most prominent personalities with which Kyiv is associated. The museum’s collection has about four thousand exhibits. 500 for these are original Bulgakov relicts, such as personal belongings, books, autographs, and original photos. But the central exhibit is the house itself. From 1906 to 1919, the large Bulgakov family lived here, occupying seven rooms on the second floor.

Mykhailo Hrushevsky Memorial Museum

Mykhailo Hrushevsky Memorial Museum (Kyiv)

Hrushevsky was the first president of Ukraine in the period after World War I. He was also a great historian, politician and statesman, and was the leader of the pre-revolution era Ukrainian nationalist movement. Hrushevsky occupies an important place in the history of the Ukrainian capital. The Hrushevsky Museum is located in a cozy house at 9, Pankivska street, where Hrushevsky lived with his family more than one hundred years ago.

Museum of Ukrainian Diaspora

Museum of Ukrainian Diaspora (Kyiv)

The Museum of Ukrainian Diaspora was opened in May 1999. The museum collection is displayed in eight halls of an old restored house in the center of Pechersk, one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Kyiv. The museum tells the life stories and shows the personal belongings of composers, choir masters, writers, poets, choreographers, singers and other famous Ukrainians who were born in Kyiv, received their education here and worked in the city before emigrating.

Sholom Aleichem Museum

Sholom Aleichem Museum (Kyiv)

The classic of Yiddish literature, Sholom Aleichem, is a prominent writer of the past whose works stood the test of time and belong to the treasure house of the world culture. Main themes of the Museum's display are Sholom Aleichem and Kyiv, Sholom Aleichem and Ukraine. Kyiv played an important role in the writer's life: this is where he was shaped and developed, both as an individual and as a writer.

Kyiv Occupation Museum

Kyiv Occupation Museum (Kyiv)

After the restauration of Ukrainian state sovereignty in 1991, there was a need to rethink and truthfully represent critical periods in the life of the Ukrainian people. The Kyiv Occupation Museum explores the multiple foreign occupations that Kyiv has endured in the twentieth century, including Soviet and Nazi. The existence of any occupation regime is accompanied by two phenomena that influence the behavior of the local population: resistance and collaboration. These themes are highly relevant for modern Ukraine. Therefore, the museum offers a fresh look at occupation regimes, particularly the Soviet occupation, which still remains controversial in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Sixtiers Dissident Movement Museum

The Ukrainian Sixtiers Dissident Movement Museum (Kyiv)

The sixtieth of the past century have become a true breakthrough for the Ukrainian intelligentsia: temporary weakening of totalitarian system breathed new life into Ukrainian writers, poets, architects, sculptors, composers, translators and musicians. This epoch became a true revival of Ukrainian culture. The Sixtiers were representatives of а new generation of the Soviet Intelligentsia, most of whom were born between 1925 and 1945, and entered the culture and politics of the USSR during the late 1950s and 1960s — after the Khrushchev Thaw. The Museum collection consists mostly of the works of Ukrainian sixtiers-dissidents. The exposition presents art works of talented and original artists (paintings, graphics, sculpture, posters), samizdat, thematic library (Ukrainian and foreign publications), manuscripts, unique photographs and documents, personal belongings of the sixtiers and other items. Together, the collection comprises of 30 thousand items of Museum value.

National Museum of the Holodomor-Genocide

National Museum of the Holodomor-Genocide (Kyiv)

The National Museum of the Holodomor-Genocide, formerly known as the Memorial in Commemoration of the Holodomor-Genocide in Ukraine, is Ukraine's national museum and a world-class centre devoted to the victims of the Holodomor of 1932–1933.

Art Memorial Museum of Ilya Repin

Art Memorial Museum of Ilya Repin (Kharkiv)

The Ilya Repin Memorial Museum is dedicated to world-renowned artist Ilya Repin, born in Ukraine. The memorial museum is located in the Repin family's home. It is a historical building, from the period of Alexander II. The art gallery is housed in a unique monument of XIX century architecture. In the museum you can find works (including icon paintings) by Repin himself, as well as other fellow artists (I. Pelevin, N. Pimonenko, V. Serov). Memorial furnishings have been restored in some of the rooms. The main exposition in the memorial museum, which is in need of protection, is devoted to the time the painter spent in the city of Chuhuiv (where the museum is located.)

M. F. Sumtsov Kharkiv Historical Museum

M. F. Sumtsov Kharkiv Historical Museum (Kharkiv)

The M.F. Sumtsov Kharkiv Historical Museum is one of the largest museums in Ukraine. It holds more than 300 thousand of objects significance representing history and culture of Ukraine and ethnicities living here. The museum pays special attention to researching of the historical ukrainian province Sloboda Ukraine (Slobozhanshchyna). Museum exhibitions cover a wide range of historical periods, from the Stone Age (archaeological exhibition "Na perechrestyah stolit") to modernity.

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